Tuesday, 28 September 2010

It's snowing. September 2010

Just as the Chalet starts to look like a Chalet the mountains suddenly start to look like a ski resort. From sunny and warm one day to a distinct drop in temperature the next followed by snow falling on the mountain tops and sleet even as low as Albertville. The air is suddenly filled with the smell of wood smoke as fires are lit to keep warm at night.

First snow seen from Bride les Bains
The differences between renovation in Australia and renovation in France start to show when it comes to selecting fittings and tiles for the bathrooms. Between the two countries there is more than a language difference which is made plain by the quizzical looks on the faces of the Tilers when I try to explain using the same tiles on the floor as on the wall. You don't need a shared language to know they think I am crazy. Time will tell!
The building looks like a gift waiting to be opened covered by a protective layer to enable the Plasterers to do their work. The villagers have become more inquisitive now it is covered and stop to stare and often pass judgement on progress being made.
All wrapped up

Friday, 17 September 2010

The secrets inside. September 2010

One section of the Oak staircase in the large apartment

Looking into the dining area from the staircase
As the work outside continues the pace inside picks up with important elements like stairs being added and interesting elements such as an alcove for the fire appearing. The majority of internal walls are complete so for the first time bathrooms look like bathrooms and built in wardrobes are more than lines on the floor.
The Chalet design leans away from a traditional Chalet interior which is often dominated by wood usually Pine stained a peculiar shade of orange. Having said that, wood does play a part in the Chalet interior with French Oak being used for stairs, windows and selected doors. Observing the Carpenter hand cut and finish skirting boards to perfection gives a real appreciation of craftsmanship.