Monday, 14 October 2013

Winter turns up and yet another Lift Pass option

As Sydney experiences a very hot and dry spring Winter is trying to take over Autumn in Meribel. Last week saw the valley transformed into the first winter wonderland of the season and temperatures are on the way down. At this time of year the snow is likely to disappear as quickly as it arrived but the lower temperatures are a welcome sign as colder ground means the next falls will stick around longer.

First taste of winter October 14th 2013
We posted a few weeks ago about the Lift Pass prices and options for the 2013/14 season and as we looked at our bookings and realised we have many guests who stay for more than one week and there are many lucky people who return to the resort several times a season. So to finish up our Lift Pass round up here are details of a pass which really is for frequent sliders.

If you ski between 8 and 21 days over the winter season the 3 Valleys Liberty Pass is worth looking at as an option. The Liberty pass is only available on-line not through the Lift Ticket Offices, an annual fee of 30€ is payable. Once you have established the Pass and paid your subscription there is nothing else to do but hit the mountain. At the end of each day the area you have skied is recorded and the appropriate daily fee is deducted from your chosen credit card.

You will pay less than the ordinary day pass rate, a 10% discount is applied Sunday to Friday, and a 20% discount on a Saturday. The 9th day of skiing is free, and then every following 6th day is free. The discounts are certainly worth having but the real value of the Liberty pass is the flexibility to only pay when you actually have been on the lifts and to only pay for the area you have skied in. It takes a bit of calculating to work out if it offers value for you based on the number of days you are likely to ski and where but for those lucky enough to hit the slopes on a regular basis but not quite enough to get a Season pass it’s an option worth considering.

Finally remember that the Lift Pass prices do not include Insurance. Needing to make an insurance claim is not really at top of mind for most people as they buy a lift pass at the start of their holidays but perhaps it should be so more about Insurance next time.