Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Winter is upon us

A winter chill is in the air. Snow has been falling on the high peaks and the Merinet Web cams are showing the seasonal progression from Autumn to much colder winter temperatures.

Chalet Vache Bleue kitchens and furnishings have been arriving and trades people have been working hard to deliver and install the largest items such as sofas and beds.

Elaine and I leave sunny Australia at the end of October to arrive in Meribel Les Allues to fully commission Chalet Vache Bleue in mid November.  We still have several weeks of hard work ahead to get things ready for our first guests arriving in December.   We have taken 9 weeks of bookings for the 1 bed apartment and 3 bookings for the 3 bed apartment which is pleasing considering this is our first season of operation and there are still around 8 weeks to go before the season opening day.

We still have several peak weeks available and expect that trade will become more brisk when we have completed a professional photo shoot in mid November and loaded the new pictures to our web site and marketing sites.

If you or anyone is still looking for a great place to stay, we are confident that Chalet Vache Bleue have two of the best Chalet Apartments in the 3 valleys.

Bon Ski