Saturday, 5 November 2016

How are we getting home?

Dragons have been breeding over the summer

In an area as big as the Three Valleys it's a good idea to have a plan for getting home at the end of the day. Being based in Les Allues we are lucky to have choices so don't always end up on the same "home run" every afternoon, We can pick up the bus or Gondola in Meribel, catch the bus from Meribel Village or when conditions are good ski home or ski to Raffort. 

Having said that we do love a ski through the Altiport area in the afternoon sun so getting there from the Courchevel side often finds us at the top of the Col de la Loze. The Boulevard de la Loze is prone to avalanches and therefore closures which leaves the choice between the black run or the blue graded Pic Bleu. The blue run naturally takes most of the traffic and due to a sunny aspect can be rocky at times making it less than ideal. 

We walked to the top of the Col de la Loze this week and are pleased to report than the conditions on this run will be improved this year thanks to the installation of over 30 new snow cannons. For the Dragon spotters there are also more Dragons. Dragon Hammocks and a new Dragon house have been added to the run for those who need a rest before the final push through the Altiport. For those with Children this Dragon themed run links nicely with Piste des Animaux with plenty of distractions for the young and young at heart.

New Dragon Chalet just off the Pic Bleu