Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mountain Bike World Cup Finals

Meribel is getting ready to welcome thousands of Mountain Bike enthusiasts as the Mountain Bike World Cup Finals roll into town. The programme runs from 21st to 24 August 2014, and comprises:
- Cross-country 
- Cross-country Eliminator 
- Descente 
The competition is currently very tight with several competitors having all to ride for in the Finals, Meribel is in for a very exciting event.

Playing host to these finals follow a series of prestigious competitions organised in Meribel in the last 4 years including the French Championships and Trial World Cup. Over 1,000 riders will be participating which along with support teams and spectators will see Chaudanne and the town centre alive with plenty of supporting events to enjoy.

A combination of preparing for the World Cup and a long term plan to improve activities and facilities during the summer months in Meribel has resulted in new mountain bike trails being developed including 4 new Enduro trails. Feedback has been positive and next week should see even more people testing themselves and their bikes on the new trails.

Last year’s Coupe de France Down Hill winner Faustin Figaret sums up the Downhill run in Meribel as:

 "both very quick and very slow sections, technical areas and parts you need to commit to. It’s a course that demands spot-on physical preparation and technical knowledge. What’s nice is that you can get down all of it without having to pedal if you wanted to"  

That sounds fast and certainly an exciting spectator sport!

If you are lucky enough to be in Meribel next week, or you simply want to read more about the event take a look at the official programme which includes maps, background information and best spectator spots.