Monday, 7 May 2012

The end of one season and the start of the next

The snowy end to the season arrived as promised so we enjoyed great conditions and empty slopes until the day the lifts finally closed. For many this is now a wind down period after a busy winter but for the Lift Company there was an air of frantic activity as they start their work on two big new lifts in Meribel. As soon as the lifts started their gradual closure earth moving began and we even spotted one of the newly retired bubbles from the Burgin Saulire gondola sitting outside one of the mountain bars. We will post soon about the new lifts and other developments in the area which will greet us next season.

There is still so much snow in the Three Valleys area that many people will continue to enjoy sliding around having walked up in the absence of lifts. Ski touring is always popular in the area with access to glaciers and high altitude areas, this summer it promises to be as popular as ever. For those who prefer to take a lift skis and snowboards were quickly replaced by bikes. Lycra took over from merino layers and gortex and cows wearing huge bells started to appear at the base of the valley waiting to begin their assault on the fresh green higher pastures.

The speed with which the transfer from winter activities to summer activities takes place is shown in these pictures. Whilst we were enjoying our last few days of skiing at the top of the mountain summer was creeping in from the base. The floral display greets visitors as they climb the hill into Les Allues to take part in the myriad of activities the area offers. The next post will look at what The Three Valleys has to offer outside of the winter season.