Monday, 25 January 2016

Self Catering the easy way

Chalet Kitchen delivery
We love to cook, love exploring French food stores and know enough French to get the right cut of meat from the Butchers. We are also lucky enough to spend enough time in the Alps that our kitchen is fully stocked with all the things you need to turn raw ingredients into something special for dinner. This is not the situation that many of our guests find themselves in, here for a week or two their time focused on enjoying the outdoors rather than trying to plan, shop and prepare nutritious food to give their bodies the fuel they need.

For groups who like the flexibility of self catering but are put off by the hassle of keeping everyone fed there is an alternative. Chalet Kitchen provides breakfast and evening meals to the Chalet door each morning. Meals are prepared in a professional kitchen in Les Allues, all you have to do is pop them in the oven 35 minutes before you are ready to eat. Each delivery arrives with a Menu Card including instructions. It really does not get any easier.

Despite our competence at feeding ourselves we road tested Chalet Kitchen so we are able to recommend with confidence. We loved our meals, they were all tasty, well balanced and nutritious. No waste, no mess no fuss. Exactly what most people want on their holiday.

Follow the simple instructions, eat and enjoy
Delicious treats to round off your evening meal

So how much does this cost? Amazingly for a group of 4 or more adults €129 per person will provide your group with breakfast and evening meals for 6 days. It is hard to make accurate comparisons but we are sure that most groups spend more than that shopping for themselves and of course which poor person ends up doing the cooking?

Time to simplify your holiday and make sure your group are well fed without leaving a Chalet  full of unused ingredients? Take a look at Chalet Kitchen or contact us at Chalet Vache Bleue to find out more.