Monday, 21 November 2011

Curtains, Lighting and "Bucky"

Elaine and I took the day off today from a hectic schedule and went walking.  Temperatures have dropped dramatically but the sun still shines.  The footpaths, stream and Lac de Tueda were all frozen over today on our walk up to Col De Fruit. Streams are looking like giant crystal chandeliers with several centimetres of ice covering many of the large boulders and cascading in icicles back to the water up to metre below. From our walk we could see mounds of snow where the snow making machines have been busy creating what will be the base for the rest of the season.

Most of our work in the past week has focused on curtains and lighting.   Elaine is a bit of an expert at sewing so many trips to Laurent Tissus in Albertville to select from thousands of choices for material and poles have been in order.  The work to measure, sew, hang, hem is hugely time consuming but rewarding as the final product is much better than shop bought.

I have been doing the simple, straightforward but high volume job of installing light fittings.  So far by count I have completed 20 from around 35 lights so we are on the homeward straight.  The biggest challenge has been a large rustic chandelier in the living area weighing close to sixteen kilos and needing to be hung from a ceiling close to 4m high.  A true test of balance and strength on a single step ladder when Elaine was getting artwork framed in Annecy.

Finally an interesting addition was made to the wall above the fireplace in the Lounge area of Apartment A - Bucky a large Deer trophy. Those opposed to hunting need not worry no animals were hurt in the process as Bucky is made entirely from cardboard. The construction took a while but we think you will agree he is rather handsome.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Autumn colours and new arrivals

The Three Valleys is a riot of autumn colour although as temperatures drop and winter creeps in this will not last for long. At Chalet Vache Bleue the final touches are being added to the Chalet ready for opening at the start of the season. The Chalet has now officially been named with the addition of a sign on the most prominent wall of the building. This is helpful to the delivery drivers who are frequent visitors as the fit out is completed.

Last week included All Saints Day in France which is a national holiday. On this day many people visit Grave Stones and memorials to leave flowers, the local church in Les Allues was no exception with a mass of colour which looked stunning against the backdrop of the autumn colours in the trees.

Once All Saints day had passed we were reminded of the impending winter season by the arrival of workmen to put the Christmas Lights on the office of the Mayor. The following day a new arrival in Les Allues appeared positioned at the entrance to the village, attached is a picture taken during daylight however we are sure he will look even more splendid at night.